Headlights / Spotlights

Changing your car headlights is a chance to upgrade to something considerably more efficient. Most factory new cars, unmodified, from the last 20 years come with halogen headlights installed as standard.

These are the baseline, and the cheapest component available, so they are used in the mass market to provide the standard quality of headlights we are all familiar with. But technology has come on a long way since these headlights were first developed, and today they are simply too inefficient to compete with the other models available.

Aside from high-end, luxury cars, which are now increasingly coming with more advanced head-lighting installed, road users can easily upgrade their standard headlights to either LED or Xenon HID lights, for significantly improved results.

Without getting too stuck in to the technical differences between LEDs and Xenon HID headlights, both are capable of producing broad equivalences in terms of vastly stronger, more efficient lighting.

The decision is yours!


Make your car a movie star! You’ve seen how great underbody lights look on the big screen, now you can get the same eye-catching underbody glow for your car or truck, and even your motorcycle, ATV and golf cart. We offer easy to install light kits that can illuminate the underbody and wheel wells in single colors or in millions of shades and color changing patterns that you can select from the convenience of your smartphone. While these lights are a head-turning attraction on their own, they’re also an ideal way to light up and show off custom wheels, suspension work, and other mods.

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