Headlight Restoration?

What is headlight restoration? Basically, it means restoring your plastic headlights to their former glory (i.e., getting them back to the way they were when you bought the car, when they were clear and easily able to get their job done). Most modern vehicles use plastic lens covers, as they’re more affordable and still get the job done, unfortunately they are prone to aging. Here’s the breakdown:

Your car comes with plastic casings around the bulbs – these lenses protect the bulbs and help cast that glow you need to see where you’re going in less-than-desirable conditions.

Over time, the lenses become cloudy or dull – you know what we’re talking about.  They take on a glazed, yellowish hue, and cut down on the amount of light that’s being projected in front of your car.

What causes the cloudiness, and the need for headlight restoration? Time and nature! These plastic lenses will oxidize over time and reduce night time vison from the headlamps.  They’re also affected by exposure to rain, UV light, and chemicals.

Without headlight restoration at Ocean view customs, your headlights cannot perform efficiently. Did you know that dull or hazy headlights can actually cut down their effectiveness over 50%? They also seriously compromise your night vision, which is the time you need your headlights most. That’s why it’s so important to take care of the issue before it affects your driving!

Let our Ocean View Customs Service techs restore your headlights as good as the day you the first purchased the vehicle.

Cost is Free in most cases.

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